Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mobile Publishing Software for Mac Supports HTML5 Technology

Reaching Mac users with interactive publications is much easier than before because of the advantages of mobile publishing software. And undoubtedly, the HTML5 technology is the key to the point. It makes the whole process possible. Meanwhile, selecting your extraordinary mobile publishing software is also very essential for a publisher, and it is the first step to success.

The AnyFlip is professional mobile publishing software tailored to create and publish stunning interactive publications for Mac users based on HTML5 technology. With this program, you will be easy to convert PDF to flipbook on mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly

HTML5 is a single based code supported across a range of platforms. It can help to create a rise in interactive in digital publication. Well, since apple mobile devices don’t allow for flash, AnyFlip with HTML5 technology will be a really good helper. For Flipheml5 mobile publishing software for Mac, you are able to produce the same digital contents in an Apple mobile device like iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and deliver a great reading experience to your readers.

Offline Reading

AnyFlip enables Mac users to publish their digital flipbooks to local in HTML5 format. It means your HTML5 flipbooks can be viewed on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android or other portable devices) even without connection from web. Besides, the native IOS app-AnyFlip Reader can also makes it possible to read the flipbooks on mobile devices offline. It is so perfect for you Mac users!

Cloud Publishing

AnyFlip cloud platform delivers secure, high-performing user experiences to any device anywhere. After you customize your stunning digital flipbook, you can upload it to cloud for managing, storing sharing. Even you don’t have your own website; you can still make your flipbooks accessible to the people all around the world with AnyFlip Cloud. It is so wonderful that your flipbooks can be reachable locally and globally in such a simple way.

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