Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Best PowerPoint Alternative Focusky Brings Amazing Transition to Presentations

Focusky Software Co. Ltd is a Hong Kong based company that provides digital presentation software. The company's mission is to provide businesses the needed tools to grow, expand and succeed using the latest innovations in the field of digital presentation.Focusky's goal is to help companies worldwide enjoy the easy and convenient way to make interactive presentations. They can now present all of their services and products with a few drags and clicks.

Focusky is the best PowerPoint alternative with its amazing features, such as animation editor 3D camera, graphs and charts, dynamic characters, 3D backgrounds, and much more.  They focus customer's attention to the new Amazing Transition function that will help people easily convert their static slides into an animated attractive movie that will grab and keep the interest of the audience.

The best PowerPoint alternative Focusky eliminated the need for PowerPoint animation templates, as it provides the customers with the chance to transform their business ideas into a dynamic interactive movie. After trying Focusky, people will not be satisfied with the PowerPoint's static slides any longer. The new PowerPoint alternative is designed to meet the needs of the new generation of users. It will help businesses create powerful presentations in a fascinating way. The features and effects are unlimited, such as pan and zoom effect, over 300 animation effects, 3D camera, build-in animated characters, eye-popping images, to name a few.

Now, customers can easily present their businesses in a powerful way. People all over the globe can see the ready Focusky presentations, taking advantage of an automated 3D camera translation. The new software provides businesses a great opportunity to expand and get clients worldwide. The best PowerPoint alternative Focusky is in the process of constant development and new great templates, styles and features are to be added in near future.

Focusky made the digital presentations easily shared on social networks. For its users, the online cloud platform can help to store and manage the presentations safely. It is available for audiences to reach with mobile devices. Audiences can also one click to share with friends via social networks.

For more information about the new Amazing Transition function and all other features that Focusky provides, please visit http://focusky.com.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Focusky – the Easy to Use Presentation Maker with Fabulous Templates

One of the best and highly-rated presentation maker, Focusky, now offers more awesome and easier to use templates than ever before.

Focusky is one of the best and the most unique PowerPoint Presentation alternative, this software is not only fast, but it also has multiple amazing features that make work so much easier and the outcome is always professional and unique. It also offers amazing effects like Infinite canvas & unlimited Zoom and Pan effect, that is not usually available in other presentation maker. Focusky is well-known because of its user-friendliness and its unique and creative designs of templates; and now with more added templates, Focusky has become even more efficient than ever before.

"We are known for providing convenience and efficiency, that is why we are always focused to make Focusky even more exciting and effective for you, that is why we have now added more awesome templates in Focusky to provide our dear users even more efficiency than ever before, and now with hundreds of pre-designed templates accessible online for free within the software, this software has become even more efficient and user-friendly", stated the spokesperson of Focusky, while talking about their new templates.

He further added that they have now stopped there, but they will soon announce more added features of Focusky, and with Focusky people soon would be able to create the kind of presentations and animation videos that no one can even imagine right now.

The best thing about Focusky is that one can create professional-looking presentation within no time and without any Pro knowledge, coding or design skills; so with Focusky, anyone of any age and any profession can create expert presentations by just simply adding different effects that Focusky offers and using its amazing features creatively.

Focusky is not only easy & efficient, but it also offers several features like Amazing Transition, Animation Editing, Integrated with Whiteboard Animation, 3D Camera, Charts and Graphs, Build-in dynamic characters, Build-in WordArt, 5000+ Online Royalty-free Vector Resources, 1200+ Online Royalty-free Animated Resources, Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform, Self-hosted & Offline, Multi-language Supported and tons of other amazing features that makes presentation and video animation designing simple and fast, and now with their new amazing templates, presentation designing would become a child's play.

The online templates provide by Focusky varies from science to festival. Everything is well designed in these templates. You just need to simple click to change the images and replaces the texts; a cool presentation will be published to wow your audiences.

Focusky is one of the best presentation and video designing software that offers tons of features which are helpful in creating professional-looking presentations. Everyone is free to use it and publish the attractive presentations on its platform.  Honestly speaking, Focusky is the best choice for business men to express the fresh ideas. It will surprise you and your customers.  

Monday, 31 October 2016

Focusky Presentation Software Allows Teachers to Create Whiteboard Animation Easily

Focusky, the Chinese base professional in the development of online presentation software has finally announced the introduction of a dynamic and engaging whiteboard animation for presentation. With this amazing invention, a presentation is now an easy, straightforward and informative process for teachers. Whiteboard animation is not just fun but a great avenue to create an effective learning experience.

Engaging students can be quite tasking. This is due to a generation filled with expertized level of changing platforms for an interactive experience. The challenge faced by most teachers is to find ways to fit into this ever changing technology by choosing an effective solution for their students.

This is the passion behind the introduction of this amazing feature to Focusky.

“Local presentation focuses too much on text memory. While it has been proved that a visual approach to learning is more effective for easy comprehension of information,” Says Jason Chen, president at Focusky, “this is a reason for us to set aside quality time to collaborate with teachers.” Creating a whiteboard animation video is no longer a graphic designer’s job. Teachers can now easily create and share tutorials, presentations, step by step guides, and many more in the classroom.

This wonderful presentation software offers simplicity in usage as well as transforming presentations. Instead of the normal boring slide to slide concepts, the user now has the chance to create a “canvas” that functions as a virtual whiteboard.  Animation helps teachers to illustrate the flow of a lesson.

This has been proven to be more effective than the normal text in a power point presentation especially for visual learners.

This interactive invention from Focusky is a perfect way for teachers to engage their students with an exciting presentation. The teacher can now create mind catching exercises and choose from various available graphics and templates when trying to develop a presentation. The result will present a display of creativity and beautifully designed presentation. The new introduction of whiteboard animation is another development in their quality service delivery. Their focus is never to relent in their bid to making presentation an easy, fun and more comprehensive tool for understanding.
Everyone can be the creative designers to the presentation with Focusky. Just go to Focusky Homepage to free download now!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Make Flipping Book WordPress Plugin

You have WordPress blogs or sites and you are looking for a creative way to make it animated? You want to make a flipping book WordPress plugin and embed on your blog to engage wider viewers for your site? Interactive flipbook on your blog is an original way to increase page views. AnyFlip gains its popularity for making flipping book WordPress plugin without coding. Your blogs or sites will thus amaze viewers worldwide online and offline.

AnyFlip makes flipbook interactive and real-time with advanced HTML5 & jQuery technology. It ensures your sites and blogs to be engaging with flipbook visual experience. Modern 3D page turning effect, relaxed background music play, beautiful theme and template, multimedia content, all make your blogs and sites vivid and dynamic.  

Start Amazing Flipbook from PDF File

AnyFlip is a free HTML5 flipbook creator designed to convert PDF and images to HTML5 & jQuery based page flip book. In minutes, static PDF file can be transformed to be interactive flipbook. Then you are able to decorate it with beautiful pre-designed template and theme for nice looking. Besides, customizing enchanting background music for flipbook will make viewers relaxed during reading.

Real-time Flipbook for Ture Interactive

How to make sites or blogs successful to attract a large number of traffics? What creative way can optimize sites and blogs to improve the ROI? AnyFlip will satisfy your requirement effectively. It goes beyond the publishing software and provides super editors to strengthen flipbook with immersive digital experience.

Without writing a single line of code, AnyFlip enables you to make flipbook interactive with rich media. Videos, audios, animations, links and photo slideshow will engage viewers with surprising reading experience.

Flipbook WordPress Plugin to Animate Sites & Blogs
AnyFlip creates flipping book in various formats like HTML, ZIP and EXE formats to share with friends. What is more, it publishes flipbook as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugins and get them installed and run on your sites or blogs easily. Publishing, installing, activating and embedding, after four simple steps, your sites or blogs will be animated to capture wider viewing. Stunning flipping book delivers information vividly and gives viewers a wonderful enjoyment.

Make flipping book WordPress plugin without coding by AnyFlip is gorgeous. On the one hand, you can improve efficiency and productivity for making gorgeous flipbook. On the other hand, publishing and embedding gorgeous flipbook on sites and blogs is significant to engage viewers online and offline, it makes your flipping content reach viewers globally.

Also, AnyFlip is the best brochure maker for business owners who can publish the digital brochures as WordPress Plugin and activate in their website to boost traffics. Such interactive brochures in your website is bound to attract more target customers.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Comfortable magazine reading background

Online magazines have two huge advantages over print magazines: great interactivity and wide distribution. Here comes the good news! Now you are able to make your own magazine online with AnyFlip even if you are not a professional magazine designer.
AnyFlip is an easy-to-use magazine maker to create page-flipping or sliding magazines from plain PDFs, images and MS documents. It is easily for you to publish your interactive magazines online and distribute them around the world as you wish.
have a peek at these guys

Create Interactive Magazine Contents in Minutes 

Cheer your readers up with interactive magazines now! AnyFlip allows you to make your own interactive magazines on its desktop software or its online digital publishing platform in minutes. Besides the page-flipping or sliding effect, it also ensures to deliver your magazine contents in an engaging way:

1. Comfortable magazine reading background. AnyFlip provides many beautiful pre-designed templates and themes for you to decorate your magazine reading background. You can choose appropriate template and theme for nearly all the topics.  
2.  Animated contents with rich media. It is easily for you to create interactive digital magazines with videos, audios, image slideshows, hyperlinks, flashes, shopping carts, e-commerce buttons and the more.

Distribute Online Magazines Anywhere Anytime 

Compared with print magazine distribution, online magazine distribution is a cost-saving but high-efficient way to make your digital magazines available in the world. When you upload your digital magazines online, your published magazines can be read and shared in different channels anywhere anytime:
1. Your online magazines can be read on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. That’s to say, millions of potential mobile readers can read and share your digital magazines in a convenient way.
2. You can share your online magazines in different ways on nearly all devices. For example, share your online magazines via social media, email or QR code!  In the meanwhile, embedding them into your own website or blog is also within your control.
For more about this magazine maker, please visit AnyFlip homepage.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mobile Publishing Software for Mac Supports HTML5 Technology

Reaching Mac users with interactive publications is much easier than before because of the advantages of mobile publishing software. And undoubtedly, the HTML5 technology is the key to the point. It makes the whole process possible. Meanwhile, selecting your extraordinary mobile publishing software is also very essential for a publisher, and it is the first step to success.

The AnyFlip is professional mobile publishing software tailored to create and publish stunning interactive publications for Mac users based on HTML5 technology. With this program, you will be easy to convert PDF to flipbook on mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly

HTML5 is a single based code supported across a range of platforms. It can help to create a rise in interactive in digital publication. Well, since apple mobile devices don’t allow for flash, AnyFlip with HTML5 technology will be a really good helper. For Flipheml5 mobile publishing software for Mac, you are able to produce the same digital contents in an Apple mobile device like iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and deliver a great reading experience to your readers.

Offline Reading

AnyFlip enables Mac users to publish their digital flipbooks to local in HTML5 format. It means your HTML5 flipbooks can be viewed on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android or other portable devices) even without connection from web. Besides, the native IOS app-AnyFlip Reader can also makes it possible to read the flipbooks on mobile devices offline. It is so perfect for you Mac users!

Cloud Publishing

AnyFlip cloud platform delivers secure, high-performing user experiences to any device anywhere. After you customize your stunning digital flipbook, you can upload it to cloud for managing, storing sharing. Even you don’t have your own website; you can still make your flipbooks accessible to the people all around the world with AnyFlip Cloud. It is so wonderful that your flipbooks can be reachable locally and globally in such a simple way.

Friday, 30 September 2016

You really need to create a HTML flipbook, however, you may be cruising and you still don’t discover how to get started with it. Here might be the right location for you. Well, to generate an attractive and powerful digital flipbook is a simple thing in case you don’t have flipbook making tool to assist you. Don’t worry, here a best PDF to HTML flipbook software is provided in your case. Either you might be a designer or marketer; you will end up beneficial from it.

Create Interactive HTML Flipbook

Instead of traditional paper PDF documents, digital flipbook is a bit more stunning and cost-saving, that's the reason why so many people prefer to digital publications today. AnyFlip, this PDF to HTML flipbook software will help you get rid of the limits of PDF, and let you easily create your own unique HTML flipbook. No code, no skills required; only in some steps, it is possible to convert PDF into digital flipbook using this solution. The entire process is quite easily as well as simple.

Perfect Visual Experience

Sometimes you could feel sick of the single items in the PDF document, however the digital flipbooks created by AnyFlip will give you a different experience. With AnyFlip, it is possible to insert audios, videos, links and a few other media elements into any pages of the flipbooks to create your content more vivid and lively. You are also in a position to add animation, page-flipping effect for your flipbook to create a seamless and responsive experience on your audiences. All of these allow for you and your readers can watch your works enjoyably.

Mobile Friendly for Business

AnyFlip flipbook software not simply allows users to produce wonderful flipbook from PDF, and also provides them with ability to publish their flipbook according to HTML5 format. So your flipbooks can work on almost all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and you are able to view your items anytime and anywhere. With the continuing development of technology, there are so many mobile users in the marketplace; this is a very good strategy to promote your business.